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Prêt à Porter

Prêt à porter

  L' î l e  D o u c e   Sainte Maxime

In this wardrobe, the brands are creative, always qualitative, both modern and elegant.

The prêt-à-porter selection is for all those women looking for an authentic style of their own, far removed from popular distribution.

Each one of the pieces here will enhance your figure with STYLE in all circumstances.            

Diega  -  Chloé Stora  - NIU  - Denim Studio Ateliers Français de Confection - 0039 Italy

Petits Hauts- Not Shy - Jardin Privé   Charlotte Sparre - Epice - Inoui Toosh   Phisique du Rôle - Hana San - Dolce Mare

DnuD - Raphaela d’Angelo - AndrèsSarda